I did it! (with PM)

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April 28th, 2013 5:13 pm


Yes, I achieved my main goal of finishing and submitting a game.

Check Sine here.



So I was going to do a minimalistic game anyway, because it was my first attempt at LD and I suck at creating art, which means that I was already more or less on topic. The downside is that now everyone else was also doing some sort of minimalistic game…

I have no idea if my idea is original: I never played a game exactly line this, by I also didn’t bother checking the web to see if it had already been made. On hindsight, I think I got my inspiration from two sources:

Creating levels was surprisingly hard. I hope at least that the ones that made it into the game are playable, and still provide a nice challenge.

I would have loved to play around more with the core mechanics: try to make longer, horizontal-scrolling levels, instead of fixed width ones, or use some sort of continuous control (mouse controlled slider or knob, keys for increasing/decreasing the Amp/Wave length) instead of the “quantic” controlsĀ  in the game, but I went for the simplest thing that worked – my focus was on releasing something at the end of the 48h.

Enough for now. Maybe I’ll post something more in one of the next days.

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