Here we go again.

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April 28th, 2013 1:14 am

I posted this last time I did a solo dare.

You’d think I’d have learned what to do when trying to make a game, but curiosity still gets the best of me, haha.

And here’s my time management so far, mostly in chronological order:

1.5 hours – brainstorm/design

3.3 hours – Dialog box system + minor code testing

7 hours – sleep

6 hours – Cutscene system + ‘unit tests’


.5 hours – Art

1.5 hours – Look for a certain documentation for DAME

4 hours – Wrote my own parser for DAME while floundering around in documentation `__`

1 hour – Write an XML/CSV parsing system and build a test map.

.5 hours – Implement a player character and get it to move around in the map.


Programming : ~16.5 hours

Art: .5 hours

Design:  1.5 hours


The best thing about this is that I’ve spent nearly 9.5 hours working on the cutscene/dialog text system as the first features on this project. There was no game to attach them to – they are just sitting there, waiting for a concrete implementation, and they probably won’t get used much, either, haha. I was just really curious about how to implement them, though…

I’m poised to have about 7-8 hours to work on this tomorrow.

– Music/SFX
– more art?
– Basic enemies or level design things that are interesting (I only have basic blocks right now)
– Title/End states
– Player attacks?

I figure I can probably get 1 or 2 more systems in if I don’t get caught in the ‘testing’ part of the process. I want to work on music though, but I’m not so worried about that – I made all the music and sound effects for this game and half the music in this game in 1-2 hours, each.

I also made all the music, sound effects, and gameplay for this game,

…and I think it will be more like that one.



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