Finished! Meet Prisma.

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April 28th, 2013 8:37 pm

EDIT: I made an R2 with the hours remaining in the Jam.

EDIT 2: Here is the timelapse!

Achievement get! Completed first Ludum Dare.

The thingy

Prisma is a color channel-based puzzler.

I didn’t get as many levels in as I wanted to, but I’m fairly happy with it. I had plans for a lot of different triggers, but didn’t have enough time to put them in (probably a good thing, considering the theme is minimalism). This is my first experience with LÖVE, and my first huge anything written in Lua, so I had a few things to shove in my brain.

I also apparently missed the submission deadline for the Compo. I did not realize that was so strict. Anyhow, here’s the entry itself. I worked on it for roughly 34 hours.


For Windows, just extract and run prisma_r1.exe. Hopefully the world doesn’t blow up.

You will need LÖVE 8.0 on Linux, though it might also work with 9.0 — I haven’t tried. Run love, and it should just magically work.

No Mac build yet, sorry! It should be easy to run the .love if you have a LÖVE 8.0 build. Stay tuned.

EDIT: Check out the entry page for links (linked at the top of this post). R1 has a bad README for you Windows users out there, so if you actually want to read it, it’s fixed this time for sure, probably, I hope. Windows needs to get with the times and adopt UTF-8.


  • Move: arrow keys
  • Action: space

Other stuff!

I streamed & timelapsed the whole she-bang. Videos from the stream can be found here. I’ll have the timelapse up on YouTube soon.

If you find something horribly wrong (excluding the “boss level”), yell at my Twitter: @komiga.

Now I am going to sleep for weeks.

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