Final + mini postmortem

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April 28th, 2013 1:31 pm

I’ve submitted my entry. Here’s a screenshot, because screenshots are nice:


Postmortem, sorta

I’m still bummed because I didn’t get cars driving around, especially since every single inhabitant have spent precious CPU cycles to find a route to a job, so adding cars would mostly be a visual thing (although they would need to check vs each other to look good). Not that it was a waste of time, traffic was important for the simulation anyway.

Another thing related to this that didn’t get done was removing building/changing desirability based on job access. So now, if you have some houses on a road that goes nowhere, they don’t have a job, but they stay around, and mostly stops the demand from rising. The player can easily fix this by connecting the road or removing it, but it looks a bit stupid.

In hindsight, zoning would probably have been a good idea, apart from it not being minimal. This would have given the player more control as well as simplifying the simulation. At least it fits the theme well now.

I never got building upgrades to work well. Most of the times when it appears like a building was replaced by another, it’s because the previous one was removed for other reasons, such as too low desirability. This thankfully happens pretty often with small building that get tired of traffic, and actually makes things work sorta ok (larger densities have a greater allowance for traffic).

It’s been pretty fun to make, except got stuck trying to balance things for hours.

I personally feel it’s pretty fun to play with, but it’s borderline not a game. The simulation still feels slightly off, which is a bit sad.

It’s written in D and uses OpenGL.

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