Day 2. Tension.

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April 28th, 2013 3:12 am

Doing my favorite style of LD, in which I don’t work the whole time, and don’t get something super polished, but it still fulfills my original plan, and is somewhat good to play. I managed to get all of the interesting bits in on the first day, even though I don’t have a full game loop done. Normally I have the game loop in by this point, but none of the interesting bits. Think I am going the right way today. Also I have the audio in, so that is nice. Today am going to get all of the spawning and wave stuff working, then maybe stick the game frame in real quick. Should go alright I think 😀


What you aren’t hearing here is that all the bullet shooting from the boss is audio sync’d and creating the soundtrack.

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  1. Hectate says:

    When I first saw that I thought the bullets were pushing the circles around while bouncing off of them, and the player had to avoid the reflected/deflected bullets. Interesting idea that…

    • jonbro says:

      That is a good idea!!! I might add that. But you point out something good, which is that all the bullets look the same. Will probably add some new graphics for the boss bullets.

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