Alright time for a little update, containing a webplayer build!


I finally started to work on the actual game – to be precise, the first level.

Turns out, creating levels for this game takes a looong time.




Not only do i finally have to come up with puzzles, but since levels are made out of lots of blocks, it takes quite some time to place them. I do like adding details as well, just some eye candy things. But it’s really time consuming.


I am aware that this is a bigger project, at least if i want to include all the features i planned. However, for this comp, i am focusing on a short introduction playthrough. The game will teach you the mechanics i have so far and how to use them, and eventually throw you into one or two levels where you have to make use of them.

It’s gonna be difficult to introduce the Silence in this game too, but i will try.


Sadly i lost a lot of time today with real life things, so i don’t know if i can get everything in, but i will try!


If you are curious and want to try it yourself, go here: [WEBPLAYER]


WASD – Move

Mouse – Look Around


(Right now you can press F to swap worlds but this feature is not suppose to be in the level later on, but you can play with it non the less. I reccomend trying it without first though).


NOTE: There is nothing after the blue part so far!


Now i noticed that jumping is the hardest part so far. I didn’t want the player to have full air control, so i tried to come up with something that will keep your velocity, but you can slightly counter balance it.

This is working but only if you already have a velocit and not by much.

I think i will enable air control again, just to make it not feel unfair. Controls are very important, they must feel right.


Hope you enjoy anyway!

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  1. pirate-rob says:

    Wow, I love this game. My only thing I don’t like about it is that turning takes forever.

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