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April 28th, 2013 2:15 pm
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That’s what I planed to call it but family matters decided otherwise. Compo is over for me, I’ll never have the time to finish. Seriously, someone should come up with a “occupation-for-wife-or-girlfriend-during-ludum-dare”-dare.

Anyways, my game was to be a bullet hell style shooter without a shooting button mixed with a block puzzle. Basically, bullets have color. When you’re hit, you accumulate charge. If the next hit is from a bullet of a different color, you fire and start charging the new color and so on. The goal is to accumulate as much as possible charge of one color to destroy incoming blocks. Not very clear, isn’t it… Here is a screen shot. You can also try the latest builds here : Mac / Win / Linux

Good luck to those still fighting through the final stretch and congratulations to all who already posted their contributions ! Can’t wait to give them a try !

– jujule


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