2001: A Space Oculus

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April 28th, 2013 9:23 pm

Finished my jam entry. Not bad for a weekend on a platform I hadn’t used before.

Try rescuing Dr. Frank Poole from the emptiness of space in 2001: A Space Oculus (requires Oculus Rift).


Controls are somewhat hard. I was going for a QWOP-style control, but I’m not sure I made it fun.

Regardless, a noclip/free mode is included in case you just want to float in space and look at the ships.

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  1. Just tried this out on my rift. Awesome work!

    The skybox has some weird artifacts that make it look like the stars are close and moving.

    Also, the yellow cube/zone near the pod bay doors is somewhat jarring when you pass through it, it does some weird things to your eyes.

    Overall good work! Loved it!

    • zeh says:


      Skybox: yeah, you know, it’s interesting. I think it’s because of the somewhat low resolution. Because the stars (which are like 1 pixel wide) are switching from pixel to pixel, and because of the screen door effect, it feels as if the stars themselves are moving or just blinking in random directions. It never gave the effect I actually wanted. It’ll be interesting to try it once a higher-resolution Rift is released.

      The win cube was the last thing I added, so it’s indeed a kind of a cop-out.

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