I kept repeating that to myself for a long time. My game-making morals are to keep innovation and originality as the most important things, and I would never just incorporate a LD theme into the story or art style of a game, but rather have interesting and unique game mechanics. I found that very difficult to do with Minimalism – but the sentence in the title of this post gave me an idea.

You don’t need minimalist mechanics, but your mechanics can be to be minimal?

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  1. Parthon says:

    There’s a lot of debate around minimalist art versus minimalist gameplay. People are saying that minimalist art will result in a lot of bland games. Others are encouraging people to make games which have minimalistic mechanics.

    I think it’s all about having each piece of the game be important and impactful in some way. That your game mechanics OR artwork can’t be reduced down any further without changing the game.

    Things like score, achievements, points, and similar elements that aren’t integral to the gameplay are extraneous.

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