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April 27th, 2013 12:34 pm

Hey! My first Ludum Dare has been very productive! Knowing that you can’t really procrastinate is …effective! :-)

Since the first time I read “Ancient ruins” and “Dig deeper“, I had this idea for a game in which you have to… build a tower! The game I am developing is called “Tower of Pixel” and, if you didn’t noticed it, the name is a witty reference to the [un]famous tower of Babel. As the player, you’ll have to use the bricks available to go as higher as you can. The objective? Reach for the heavens, of course! :-)

My initial attempts has been with Box2D. But as soon as I realised that it would have been impossible to stack hundreds of boxes with a reasonable framerate, I switched to a more conventional platform. As announced before, I am using Flixel plus some plugins and few utility classes from R (a framework that I previously developed). Except from this, all the code and graphics has been developed today. (I am currently using a placeholder sprite for the character. Of course it will be replaced with something original and much more… MINIMALISTIC!).

And now… some screenshots of the development!

LudumDare_00.png - Copy LudumDare_01

LudumDare_02 LudumDare_03

If you want to follow the development of the game, you can find me on Twitter: @AlanZucconi or on my personal website.


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