For most of the LD games I make they have a decent amount of content, however for this game, and perhaps due to the theme as well, it seems like I’m going to finish the game much quicker than normally.

And I’m making a different sort of game this time around, so I think the extra time will help me do some fine tuning as well as some external playtesting, which I rarely get to do.

I’ll get to think about how this game impacts people a lot more than I normally do.

Still don’t really want to say what the game is about just yet. I’m not sure if I should state it explicitly through narrative text in the game, or lead people to draw their own conclusions and figure it out on their own.

In one sense, I want to tell a story, and share an experience of my own. And that’s easier done through a bit of text to help communicate what it is you’re doing in the game. But on the other hand, it might create more interest in the player’s mind if they’re trying to understand exactly what it is I’m trying to show them. Though if the game doesn’t make any sense, then a lot of players also won’t bother to play through it. There might be a good mix between too much text and enough to keep them curious.

In either case it makes me feel a little bit vulnerable. That’s definitely not something I think about when making games normally. And it’s just a few squiggles on a blank screen!

Ludum Dare 26

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