Some ideas, and maybe a direction

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April 27th, 2013 4:06 am

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Found an empty booklet, so I have something to use for notes. HUZZAH! Came up with a few good ideas, and I think that the first one is actually quite solid, so I might just go with that one. That was easy :d.

Thinking about doing an audio sync’d version of warning forever, with the intent that the enemies that you face will sound somewhat like minimal techno. Going to try to focus the sound set on that group of sounds. The potentially unfortunate bit is that I am going to need to write a collision detection routine, and potentially some 2d physics junk, because the unity stuff isn’t really meant for what I want to do. Maybe unity isn’t really the right language for this anyways, and I should just do it in something else.

Probably just going to bang out the basic stuff real quick now, and try to get it as playable as possible as quickly as possible, then fall down the depression hole of proper physics later. HERE WE GO!

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