Next update (I think this is #3)

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April 27th, 2013 11:03 am

I have several new features including pushable boxes, bridges that start off vertical then fall down when you touch them and the ability to fall in the case where the ground gets removed from underneath you.  Here’s a nice screenshot that doesn’t really prove anything other than that I’m still using dodgy debug graphics!


Also, I now have beer – specifically an Old Tom in a goblet.  :-)


Now I need to work out how to make some nice tricky puzzles, clearly more beer and a curry will aid this endeavour.

Edit: forgot to include a link to the playable “game”:

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  1. ToastyAbraham says:

    This’ll probably won’t help, but I hope you’ve seen/played Jelly No Puzzle. It’s certainly nice and tricky! (RPS link –

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