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April 27th, 2013 7:11 am

About 4 hour into it now,and my game’s getting somewhere. It’s called Buried.


‘In retrospect picking a fight with the God of the Underworld wasn’t such a smart idea
In order to escape being buried alive you’d better start jumping.

When the Gods are keeping you down, you should dig deep
When the Gods are keeping you down a hole, you should climb, fast.’

I originally planned for a game with simple geometric graphics in which you must ascend up falling blocks. The idea evolved into a protagonist who has upset the ‘Gods’ and is sent to the underworld and buried there. The aim is the climb out without hitting any of the fast falling dirt chunks. Occasionally if one of the Gods thinks you are doing too well they’ll smite you (currently the only smite is a lightning bolt).

Going forward, the collision detection with the blocks is still glitchy, that definitely needs some love. I’m undecided whether it’s perma-death or to give the player lives. Likewise whether the game runs indefinitely or there is an ending is still to be determined. Some kind of collectible on the way could add an element to the game, perhaps something to help bring about the demise of the Gods who sent you down. A couple more attacks from the Gods might be fun too.

I’m terrible at art, so if I have time to make it look marginally better I’ll be happy, and of course I need some sound.


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  1. SenorDiablo says:

    looks ace

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