It isn’t nothing…

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April 27th, 2013 5:24 pm

Things didn’t go too good for me on the first day. My allergy-induced asthma showed up again and I had to visit a doctor which cost me quite some time.



Since I’m going for a Graphical Adventure Game this time around, I’m facing another problem: coming up/writing a story worth telling (not doing that very often). And boy that is some hard work. So upon the medical thing there was the story thing. And here I am, being reminded of many many previous LDs where I was not able to finish. I lost motivation somewhat 13 hours in and started over. Sigh.

But enough with the pessimism – on to what I did get around to accomplish today:


  • I’m in the process of fleshing out my main character, her personality and her family.
  • I’m pretty confident when it comes to the first and the last puzzle but there’s a big blank inbetween.
  • I have a preliminary walkcycle for my main character.
  • Tons of GUI (although most likely unneccessary

It’s gonna be tough but I hope I can make it. AGS should allow me to scale things down if it’s looking bad tomorrow. We’ll see. Until then have a mockup:

VOTM mockupVOTM-Rain




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  1. Cybearg says:

    Very cool pixel art!

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