First Day is over, progress is good!

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April 27th, 2013 1:51 pm

I decided against streaming and everything, I doubt people would have enjoyed it and I spent quite a lot of time mostly idle (on the computer that is, busy writing and drawing IRL). So far the concept for the game is this: you are a green square and you need to get to the yellow square, simple right? Some might say… minimalist. Anyway, there are of course obstacles to stop you. The first of which are Red Blocks. These are annoying as hell if you can’t tell what they’re thinking. Every time you take a step, they take a step too. Towards you. Or rather, towards where you were because of previous actions. It’s some basic A* to do it, and combining multiple Red Blocks in situations gets interesting. Add some pushable Blue Blocks, some tiles that Blue Blocks can’t be pushed on that you and Red Blocks can go over, and some tiles only you go over, and you get some pretty complex puzzles.

You can download the game so far from here:

In terms of polish, some preliminary music has been done and a very nice minimal menu system. I’ve implemented proper options too this time, with a volume control and keybindings as I know that is a very nice polish feature for those without WASD keyboards or who would prefer not to use arrow keys. Here is a series of screenshots of my game:

TDSC Main Menu

The green square is the highlight when the mouse hovers over it


TDSC Options Menu

Options menu, fancy huh?


TDSC Level 1

Level 1, nice and easy

TDSC Level 2

Level 2, still pretty simple but it introduces the Red Block concept


Still TDSC Level 2

Movement if very smooth


TDSC Level 3

Multiple Red Blocks get interesting


TDSC Level ICantRemember

Blue crates

TDSC's hardest level so far

The most complicated level I have so far (actually pretty damn hard without breakpoints in the code to tell me the pathing :P)


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