I left my notebook at the office, so I am just going to dump my ideas for this jam here. I think I have been failing at jams recently because I haven’t worked out a good idea before kicking the jam off, and instead just going with the first thing that pops into my head. Apparently this doesn’t work very well.

My Ideas.

1. A game based on minimal nation by robert hood. Was thinking that this could take the form of a shmup, but I am not sure how I would work the sound into it more specifically. It would be nice to make just black and white shmup that had a strong audio sync. Maybe each level has enemies inspired by a different song. Or perhaps the whole game is based around the track “one touch” where you can only have one simple input. Would need to write covers of the tracks or something though.

2. Work on a game that I need to work on anyways, based around a different classic piece of minimal aleatoric music. Don’t really want to talk about this, and couldn’t release it on the website. Also it is 3 player. So wouldn’t really be working on LD at all.

3. A rogue like that only uses a single mechanic from the list of rogue mechanics. I have a design that I started working on that was just focused around throwing and area effect spells, perhaps I could do a rogue that only does one of those things. Maybe throwing only, you can pick up darts and they only destroy at a certain distance, and below that they just do a bounce back.

4. A platformer where you can’t move backwards, only forwards. and jump. I am thinking this could be a bit like aaron steed’s bump, except realtime. Don’t know if it is possible, or worth it. Maybe. I suspect he has already attempted this, and it didn’t work for some reason.

Arrgh, writing game ideas like this feels so pointless, really need a proper notebook to record all of them. I think the issue is that text doesn’t really allow me to visualize the ideas as well, I can only write them, and I struggle with creating images this way.

Maybe I will just switch over to physical prototyping and try to come up with a game that way. Or just skip it.

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