End of day 1 update

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April 27th, 2013 4:07 pm

So, I have been fairly quiet with the social side of Ludum Dare this time around, probably a sign I’m more stressed then last after losing a fair whack of my day to getting the core mechanic to feel right, I wanted to hit feature complete by now and spend all tomorrow polishing however that hasn’t happened so I think the job is now to scale back and cut what isn’t necessary.

I think, just like everybody else I took Piet Mondrian as inspiration, hopefully my game won’t be duplicated by anyone else. I am generating random mazes based on the composition… paintings, using thick black lines, blue, red and yellow. The idea is you spawn on the blue spot must find and collect the key to unlock the exit, then travel to the exit. If at any point you touch a red spot you lose the game and are re-spawned at the start without penalty.

Each time you complete a maze you are teleported directly to a new maze with no real way of winning and no real way of losing, on one hand I like this, it removes from the common understanding that a game must have a “Win” and a “Lose” to be seen as complete, however on the flip-side of this is that the player will simply play until they are bored, and the player becoming bored is never a good thing. Its a catch 22 situation, however in the spirit of “minimalism” I think I will leave the game as-is, without the win/lose conditions for the sake of not complicating the game-play with something unnecessary.

The main mechanic is in navigating the maze, you play as a ball, moving under “gravity”, the ball will always accelerate downwards and the players input is limited not to moving the ball, but instead moving the world, this way you can navigate the maze by rotating it around the ball.


The game is called “Chroma”, meaning “Purity or intensity of color”, referencing the importance of color to the game-play, it’s also short & snappy!

Anyway, it is time for some sleep, a re-charge, then a fresh morning, fresh coffee and fresh ideas.


A quick game video at 8 hours in: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuTJCrWEiLw (How can I embed this video?)


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