Doesn’t look like much

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April 27th, 2013 4:58 pm

But thats kinda the point right!  Right?


Well I’ve been working on the programming as hard as I can as Minimalism is not a graphics heavy concept.  And my programming skills are shit.  So may as well get that as far done as possible right?


Anyways, here is what I have been working on so far: ss


Nice right!?  AAA right!?  Lol, well the solid object is the player, you float around trying to collect things as close to your color as possible gaining you extra speed, the more pointed the object the farther away from your color it is.  Far enough and it slows you down!  Well at the moment the color changes work, and the floating around too.  But the real battle is figuring out a system to handle the color value distances.


Enough for now!  Back to eet.  GL HF!

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