Day 1 is done

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April 27th, 2013 3:16 pm

Lots of progress has been made today! The awful mess that is my code resembles a horror game now!

Right now I’ve made 3 levels, working monsters of doom, and some interactions are possible within levels. For tomorrow I’ve still got a bunch of things to do, but all of it should be doable. I’ve got 3 more levels planned, a few secrets need to be added as well, and there’s loads of sounds I want to create (because what’s a horror game without sounds? 😀 ). I’d like to have some voice acting as well, to fit with the story, so tomorrow I’m gonna see if it won’t be too horrible to listen to. The script is done, at least, so it shouldn’t be that much work.

Other than those major things, the other things left to do are polish and testing. Nothing too scary. Oh wait.


Tomorrow will be a good day. To die! 😀

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