C [dot][dot][dot] 95% done…

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April 27th, 2013 9:58 am

…give or take 90%.

First post here, first time entering the comp. Be gentle with me.

Let’s start with a grab, as that’s worth a 1000 words apparently.

Stunning in it's mediocrity


I’m using AS3 and giving Starling a go for the first time just to see what that’s like ( The game shouldn’t need the stage3D performance, I just wanted to play ).

So the level is made with those iso tiles based off a Heightmap created using Perlin noise, as it seems the quickest way to make random levels. It won’t smooth scroll, it’ll be a tile at a time, which I’m hoping will look ok. If it’s not then I’ll just give up and say I dunno, the dog ate my homework, and I had to break off from the comp.

In terms of gameplay my current plan is that there will be colour emitters placed on the map which colour the tiles and you’ll have to move around collecting them to remove the colour, like an anti-Wizball if anyone is old enough to remember that.

K, that’s me done for now, time to drop the movement in there and see how that feels.


2 Responses to “C [dot][dot][dot] 95% done…”

  1. tudd says:

    that stepwise scrolling would look awesome! i’ve seen it done before.

    you really have to try to mess up step scrolling in this case.

    and nice idea you have there! gogogo! 😀

  2. Thanks mate ( Sorry, missed your comment, wasn’t ignoring you ).

    2 days later and I’m broken and admitting defeat, although the scrolling does look good 😉

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