And finished, with plenty of time to spare…!

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April 27th, 2013 11:49 pm

I’ll write a few notes and design decisions here, in case anyone is¬†interested…

  • My original idea was to have a single button on the screen, that when clicked would tell the player if they won or lost. I wanted to expand this a little, and was considering basing the outcome on where you clicked the button, and having the button appear in different places. This is how the current game design evolved.
  • I began coding this game 6 hours after the timer started counting.
  • My first coding session lasted 11 hours, and I ended up with an almost finished game. Today I fixed a couple of bugs, and added a music track.
  • I was considering a C++ game, using something like SDL, but figured that having the exe file, and any reliant DLL files, and other necessary redistributable files when I could have just a single SWF file would not be minimal.
  • Making the Title screen with all the check boxes took longer than writing the game aspect.
  • I considered adding other options, such as square size, to the 9 that are already there. I decided not to add anything else at the time because of the potential for an online leaderboard, and more options means more ways of sorting, and that gets complex and less minimal.
  • I was considering a particle effect for clicks, but thought it went against the theme. I then considered just having the effects when you successfully click on a square, and the effect could be as simple as an expanding circle that fades out quickly, but again I thought that having anything would just not be minimal enough.
  • I originally planned for 3 different music pieces, but ended up having one loop the whole time instead to keep file size to a minimum.

My submission is here:

This was my second attempt at a Ludum Dare challenge, and as last time, I enjoyed the experience.

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