You need a Scapegoat?

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April 26th, 2013 8:19 pm

The theme is Minimalism, yeah? And I think I’m not totally irresponsible for this.

Two weeks ago I finally decided to enter the next LD, I thought about how I could make a game from scratch which would be awesome despite my programmer art.

So I decided I submit “Minimalism” as a theme idea, because then I would have an excuse for my bad art. And having all those time constraints of a weekend and stuff I thought it would be easier to finish the game. Thought and done.

Well, bad idea. I only later found out, that Minimalist already has been the theme of LD11, which made me dislike this theme. But I thought, well then nobody will up-vote it anyway…

Well, I was wrong, faster than I could see it got into the final round, well sh…

Then I also talked with some of my friends about the LD, and they didn’t mind joining me in my quest of making a game. So I decided to join the jam instead of the compo and we could make an awesome game together. And now I have people who can ¬†make art and sound and stuff, and what is the theme?!¬†MINIMALISM! I could have ripped my ass out when I saw it (if that’s even a thing).


But (as others already said) don’t try to think of it as something that constrains you, as I did first. Simply see it as another challenge to the LD.

So now I’m sitting here trying to come up with an idea for minimalism that allows us to create a great game. The thing is: what you usually want with games is richness in graphics, sounds, effects and gameplay, but applying the theme to one of this things leads to exactly the opposite, it seems at first. But you could say that it also leads to pureness and more focused content (as long as you don’t cut on the essentials). When particles are important for your game, then simply include them. Don’t just draw rectangles, maybe try out circles instead. Ok, maybe not like that, but you get the idea.

So maybe we will do something that has just a story, revolving around minimalism, but not on too minimalistic graphics, gameplay and stuff.

And I’m really sorry, if the theme really scrapped your LD. It scrapped mine too.

(And don’t forget to include a potato)

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3 Responses to “You need a Scapegoat?”

  1. muton says:

    Apology accepted. Potato would have been better.

    Thing is, a LD game is already by definition and time constraints pretty damn minimalistic – it’s almost an anti-theme in this case. Gah.

  2. pentaphobe says:

    You both covered the only things I was going to say in comment, so thanks!

    I’ve no idea why I’m typing anything now.

    Could be something like that “procrastination” thing I’ve heard so much about while watching gamedev streams in work hours.

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