LevelUp has a somewhat decent home now!

Posted by (twitter: @wzl_)
April 26th, 2013 9:08 am


Today i went in there and shamelessly ripped of my own website design and used it as a template for the LevelUp homepage. This is obviously makeshift, but better than that wiki i had used before. Other than that, the release of v0.9 will be coming later today as i’ll need to fixa few buggies still.

So yeah, here’s a screenshot for your entertainment! 😀

It's a preview!

It’s a preview!


So why don’t you head over there now and download the 0.9preview until the final is released? http://lup.wzl.vg

You better do, or do you want to be stuck using tiled and ogmo for the rest of your lives? x)

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