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April 26th, 2013 6:18 am

Laptop, tablet, Android phone for testing up and running.
I’ve worked on automating everything in my workspace as much as possible – all my apps now have a custom entry point when in dev mode that also bakes all the resources needing to be baked (such as tilemaps). Resource loading and mouse/touch input working seamlessly on PC and Android.

Language: Java
Library: LibGDX with some of my own boilerplate code (available on GitHub, of course). My last LD project was named “Bacon”, so I believe that “Eggs” was a reasonable follow-up.
Platform: Cross-platform desktop at first, but the game will be designed with Android support in mind. I will work on the port after the deadline for the main game.
Source control: Git
2D Art: ASEPRITE for pixel art, Photoshop for the rest
Sound: bfxr/labchirp for effects, pxtone for the music (provided enough time is available, as always ^_^)
Other tools: Eclipse Juno as an IDE, Powershell for misc. stuff, Tiled Map Editor


Let the games BEGIN!

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