I’m in!

Posted by (twitter: @xSmallDeadGuyx)
April 26th, 2013 12:44 am

Annoyingly late I’m in post considering how long I’ve been planning to be in and how long I’ve been chatting in #ludumdare, but hey.


My plan has been to get more and more hardcore each ludum dare, started with Java, then C#, and now C++. My libraries will be SFML along with a publicly released open-source mini-library I made on my github (like I do every LD): https://github.com/xSmallDeadGuyx/Cpp-Game-Library


I haven’t spent enough time preparing though, and I only realized last night that while I’ve been learning C++ and SFML, I never set up a Windows development environment. This is what I’ll be doing today, most likely using cmake since I’m not amazing with normal make.

EDIT: I’m going back to C#! I’ve only been doing C++ for a week and while I’m pretty confident in it, I’d rather just do MonoGame since I know from LD25 that I will definitely be able to write 2000-3000+ lines of code fast. I don’t think I can reach anywhere near that in C++.

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