I’m going to “fake” Ludum Dare.

April 26th, 2013 7:38 am

This is my first time doing a Ludum Dare. I am not planning to submit anything, but I want to use the world’s game development vibes as the kick in the seat to get started. However, I don’t think I’m going to actually submit anything.

It sounds like a bit of a copout, but the reality is that I found out about Ludum Dare yesterday, don’t have any experience, and don’t have any preparation. I don’t draw, I haven’t worked with 2D graphics in the last 20 years, and I haven’t worked with any game toolkits or sound libraries before. Ever. I don’t “think” like a game programmer or a game designer so to speak. I also made plans this weekend. But… I can prepare for next time.

So what am I going to do?

My goal will be to simply learn all of the foundational programming information that’ll set me up for Ludum Dare another time. I’ll sit down with Python and PyGame (for the first time!!!!), learn how to draw some graphics, learn how to create an executable, and basically do all of the stuff that everyone else normally does on the warmup weekend. Or, I might use Processing. I haven’t decided yet.

Code: Python and PyGame. . Maybe Processing if Python totally fails me.

IDE: TextMate and the Terminal (any suggestions for improvements are welcome)

Graphics: … what? Graphics? Maybe I’ll use OmniGraffle and line diagrams. The main character’s going to look like a UML diagram.

Sound Effects: BFXR and Logic Pro

Chances are I won’t be able to do anything of significance, but I will be able to tell myself, “Next time Ludum Dare rolls around, you have no excuse.”

4 Responses to “I’m going to “fake” Ludum Dare.”

  1. Spiridios says:

    Don’t completely discount submission yet. Take the theme, think of the simplest, and I do mean simplest, game you can build around that theme using the skills (or lack thereof) you think you have, and build it. It can be box graphic or even just interactive text. Watch the keynote video if you haven’t yet.

    Nothing focuses you more than a goal and nothing improves your skills more than actually trying to apply them to a real problem. If you don’t make the submission deadline, you still learned the tools and steps along the way which is all you were already planning.

    BTW, with Python, you don’t even have to submit an executable by the deadline, just the python code, since for anyone with Python installed that IS the executable. Then you are free to “port” to a Windows executable after. You can post for help, ask for help in IRC, or even drop me a message for help with that part (porting does not fall under the “all work must be done by you alone” rule).

    Good luck and welcome to Ludum Dare!

  2. martijn says:

    Join anyway.

    You may not get the best game, but trying to actually finish a game is much more interesting than starting a game.

    Plus, I think there are a lot of talented people here. If you submit a game, you may very well get some interesting insights in what you can improve for your next game.

  3. Arcana says:

    Then… maybe I should. I’ll do what I can and submit what I have then… no matter what it is or how bad it might look. Then I can say, “I made a game” instead “I tried”.

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