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April 26th, 2013 9:35 pm

Still working out ideations (and getting ready for an early night to bed), but here’s a brief list of ideas thus far:

  • circle man tower defense style game (doesn’t like complex shapes)
  • same, but castle defense style
  • eraser guy trying to erase incoming (letters/etc) to keep things minimalistic
  • closet shoe matching game where you (the husband) are trying to match and get rid of your wife’s shoes (to keep things minimally there)
  • puzzle game with different shapes / colors where you eliminate them down to a single type
  • using dots to make a shape and fill up an area, trying to use the minimal number of dots
  • using dots to make specific shapes, trying to use the minimal number of dots
  • using fewest number of shapes possible to make a more complex shape
  • wrecking ball to eliminate (destroy / minimalize) towers to nothingness

That’s it so far… now to think them over in my dreams.

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