I found a team!

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April 26th, 2013 12:07 pm

I’ve usually gone these LDs alone, but this time I thought I’d make a team.

I have a sound guy from my current ongoing project (Girl with a laser cannon). And I found a pretty good artist on an IRC channel I frequent.

Tools I’m using.
Eclipse + LibGDX for development.
BoxLumin (Custom written lighting engine)

I also have a better office.

Main station

Side of the main station, for guests/skype

Good luck to all of you!

6 Responses to “I found a team!”

  1. netmute says:

    Holy Jesus on a pogostick! How many screens do you have? 😀

      • sudorossy says:

        7 Screens there. 3 on the PC, server with a second monitor, and laptop with a second monitor 😛

        I don’t quite need 7, I admit. 1 is usually not used much. Right now I have the following.

        Laptop screen -> Skype.
        Laptop second -> Ludum Dare, Email, Twitter
        Server screen -> Video playlist
        Server second screen -> Videos playing (Stargate Atlantis)
        PC main screen -> Code
        PC second screen -> References for code.
        PC third screen -> IRC and File system browsing.

  2. gameXcore says:

    Haha looking at this… I will be sat on a sofa with a laptop, I feel like a poor man right now!

    • sudorossy says:

      It may shock you to know I’m pretty poor myself! Most of these monitors were payment for fixing someones PC, or bought for very cheap broken + repaired.

      The only exception is the 42″, which I got because we bought a (£100) projector for downstairs. So I got the “old” TV. ^_^

  3. MattySVN says:

    Very nice man! I wish I had all these monitors and computers! haha xD

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