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April 26th, 2013 10:45 am

Thinking I might give it a shot, it’s been a while since last time I submitted anything. I’ll be busy half of Saturday, but should still be enough for a small game, hopefully.

I’ll use the old usual, some text editor, D, sfxr and Photoshop. Maybe Audacity. Maybe some music program (unlikely).

Here’s my tiny D framework that I usually use, which I’ve posted earlier before compos: stdf.7z

It basically only contains a few helper functions for OpenGL, simple sound wrapper for fmodex, and font rendering code that uses FreeType and OpenGL. The whole thing uses Derelict2 for library and OpenGL loading, as well as GLFW. I might use some setup code from earlier entries.

I had to update it yesterday to work with D2, but it’s basically nothing beyond search and replace ‘const’ with ‘immutable’ (or ‘auto’). I even had to prod a bit at the GLFW and fmod files, replacing some char* lines with immutable(char)*.

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