4 hours in: working prototype

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April 26th, 2013 11:05 pm

I’m now four hours into LD, and I have a prototype. This is farther than I got last time (at this point, I had quit :P)


The prototype has a level-loading capability so I can easily make levels using ascii art…

var levels = {
		'0' : [
			'                ',
			'   _            ',
			'                ',
		'1' : [
			'     _          ',
			'                ',
			'   _ST___       ',
			'                ',

You can kind of make oue the ground (underscores). S is a springboard, T is a trap door. The result (level ‘1’) is on github, where there is also a link to run the prototype. Use left and right arrows to move.

Going to sleep now (well, going to bed with my notepad, but you know..). Goals tomorrow:

1.) Eat and Shower

2.) Start putting together actual levels using the prototype, including additional types of items.

3.) Once I feel comfortable with a few levels, build some graphics (including animations).

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