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April 25th, 2013 10:11 am

So, let’s give it another try. A lot has changed, and we learned a couple of things. I, for one, am switching an engine to Love with a Zoetrope library. As for some organizational questions: First, there will be two of us (or maybe even three, but we don’t know yet), so we’re aiming for the Jam, if all goes according to plan. Second, I have a project skeleton I’m starting with, and here it is:


There is a Zoetrope installation, along with a Makefile to easily build a portable distribution of the game. Also, there are about 200 lines of Lua code, that:

  1. Load and display Tiled maps.
  2. Allow you to walk around while displaying some animation.
  3. Don’t allow you to walk through walls.
  4. Allow to execute arbitrary Lua code when you press space near an object. That code can be wrote into the map by setting an object property with Tiled.

I sincerely hope that it’s not too much to start from. And of course if Tiled maps turn out to be not very useful for whatever it is we’ll be working on, I might discard all that code and start from scratch (but with Zoetrope). Oh, also, that link contains a tiled map and an animated sprite for testing, but I’ll get rid of them, of course.

With all that said and done, good luck to everyone else participating in Ludum Dare! May your code be sharp, your art be beautiful and your game be amazing!

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