The Curveball Advantage

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April 24th, 2013 7:31 am

Hello LD’ers!

This will be my second run through the gamut and boy am I excited!  Taking time off a service industry job to make a game in 48 hours is a HUGE relief, almost makes up for not doing my own game work lately.


But oh boy do we seem to have a good one coming!  I’m unsure of our Spudly companions but I am sure to I may have a slight advantage when working ideas together this weekend, as I seem to have an curveball advantage!!!   Mwahahahhahahah!

I will be stepping out of the house Saturday night to go see Weird Al in concert.  Give up now and I will understand!!  But this isn’t for winning.  We all know its to make some sweet sweet vidya games!

My tools of choice this lovely weekend will most likely be a huge smattering of Flash and some free sound effect/music composition programs.


Good luck fellow game lovers!!

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