My second Ludum Dare!

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April 24th, 2013 5:35 pm

Hello people! I guess it’s about time I posted about what I’m doing this LD… So, this time around I’ll be working in a team, I’ll be doing the programming and stuff like that, and a friend will be doing art and models. So, here’s a list of tools I’ll (probably) be using:

  • Unity Pro 4.1   – Definitely using this, since I’m most experienced in it.
  • Audacity           – Because why not?
  • Blender              – Only modelling application I have access to, other than…
  • Sculptris            – I’ll use this for potatoes and other such madness.
  • Potatoes            – Most inspiring vegetable/tuber/root ever!
  • Fries                    – These are almost as good as potatoes. Maybe better. They do however advocate potato abuse.
  • Awesomeness – Only slightly paled by the glowing radiance that is Chuck Norris’s awesomeness.

No idea what else I’ll be using, but there’ll be a couple more I’m sure 😀

We plan to include potatoes in our game. A lot of potatoes.

Since we’re using Unity 4.x, we will definitely include a Linux build, as well as the usual Mac OSX and Windows. If possible, Android will follow.



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