I am in once again

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April 24th, 2013 5:51 pm

This is my second Ludum Dare, and yeah. Here I am.



Python 2.7 using the Pygame module (version 1.9.2, which is pretty much interchangeable with 1.9.1) I also might use Notepad++ to make a little JavaScript game. It’s more likely that I’ll use python, but hey. You never know.


Photoshop CS2


I have a lot of software in my music arsenal. I have FamiTracker, Audacity (and ukulele still), and Anvil Studio. I’ve been using Anvil Studio a lot more recently, and I think I might utilize it the most.


I will use Dafont to find fonts that will be used in my game. I could and have made my own fonts, but ain’t nobody got time for that.


Things I have learned since last time (so therefore improvements):

  • You can use the .pyw extension instead of .py to create a console-less window when executing python scripts.
  • Gameplay is far more important than a plot. Otherwise you tend to feel ashamed of your games (ok this may be exclusive to me)
  • Humor is still very important!
  • You can randomly generate things by keeping object references in a list.
  • Basically everything about lists actually
  • Don’t use system fonts because who knows what fonts people have on their computers
  • Also, don’t use copyrighted fonts. You might get in trouble.
  • Play lots of people’s games. Get to know your competition, and have fun too!
  • Get people to beta test your games
  • Be in it for the fun, the learning, and for the game!

Also, I am pro-potato.

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