I’m in , 2nd time.

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April 23rd, 2013 10:21 am

I am in (probably).

Last LD I used XNA. This time would be a bit different. I am currently learning SDL so I think it is time to put what I learn to the test.


Language/Framework : C++ / SDL
IDE : vim/bash (yes , to me they are integrated :D)
Image : GIMP
Sound : sfxr
I have some personal codes that wraps around SDL that I would like to use.It is currently hosted at github. There will be a few more changes to this codebase this week while I work on my personal project.

I am more of a game mechanic designer and not really an artist. So instead of trying to make a well-polished game, I will do what I did in the last LD, try out any new mechanics that I can think of in the first few hours and see if that works.

good luck and have fun all 😀


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  1. rxi says:

    I keep seeing posts from people using C/C++ and SDL, I think much more than usual. This is my language and library choice also. It’ll be interesting to see what people end up with who are using the same sort of set up as me.

    I’m also using Vim like you, and looking at your base code, some of it looks similar to my own ( http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2013/04/21/base-code-declaration-2/ ) which is reassuring, though mine is in C99, rather than C++.

    Good luck!

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