We’re in for our second LD! đŸ˜€

Our last entry, “Dr. Vile in The Greater Good” made 2nd place Overall in the Jam so we’re going to try our best to make our next entry even better!

Speaking of Dr. Vile, thanks to all your feedback, we’ve been working on expanding the story and game features to make Dr. Vile a full-fledged indie title đŸ˜€


You heard Lexe! đŸ˜€ Follow us on Twitter (@GreenPixelDev) for Dr. Vile updates! We’re planning a PC/Mac release and then we’ll consider an iPad release. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Break objects and your enemies’ prized possessions to collect resources!
  • Use your borrowed- well, stolen – resources to craft new weapons, tools, and upgrades! Craft a personal Teleporter, sneak around with a Disguise Ray, and much, much more!
  • Explore Dr. Vile’s city – full of rich snobs, regular Joes, pesky robots, rabid guard dogs, fierce soldiers, and more!
  • Make your way through 4 treacherous dungeons! 
  • Relive the original “Dr. Vile in The Greater Good” and complete Dr. Vile’s Death Ray!
  • And tons more! We’re aiming to pack hours and hours of gameplay into a neat, pixel art package with lots of laughs and the corniest of jokes đŸ˜€


  • OH! And BEST OF ALL… face off against Dr. Vile’s arch nemesis: Dr. Ben Evolent! Surely beating him to a bloody pulp will make Dr. Vile the greatest scientist of all time!

We’re looking forward to getting it out and adding another Success Story to Ludum Dare’s illustrious history!

But, this weekend, we’ll be strapping down for Ludum Dare 26! Good luck, everyone! đŸ˜€

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