Puzzlem00n: “I’m in.”

April 23rd, 2013 7:41 pm

Chief: “Excellent work, agent. Do you spy anything suspicious?”

Puzzlem00n: “Not particularly. But the place reeks of starch.”

Ah, Ludum Dare… A time of programming, a time of isolation from our peers, and a time of many, many open browser tabs.

So, I’m back! Not that I left for any period of time much longer than anyone else, it’s just that normally I like to sit around and comment on MiniLD entries in the off season, and well, I didn’t. I’ve been having the motivation issues that are archetypal of a Puzzlem00n like myself, but now that LD has come around, it’s given me time to sort it all out, and well, you can read about way down there, after the break if you’re interested.

Enough of the life story! Toolset!

CODE– LÖVE, Notepad++, and whatever libraries the community and I have come up with that are of interest.

GRAPHICS– While I have Photoshop now, I’m still not that well versed in it (and admittedly we haven’t fully registered it as of yet), so Paint.net is the way to go for now. I am thinking of using something like Spriter Beta or Spine, but that’s only if I can figure out how it works by the weekend.

SOUND– Musagi and Aria Maestosa if I get to composing, but by recent trends, it’ll end up being something like iNudge or Otomata. SFXR/BFXR for SFX and Audacity for those extra details.

OTHER– Tiled has always been my friend. And if I get to streaming (details below!) OBS looks good.

And, to finish off, my goals for this LD:

  1. MAKE THE 48 HOUR DEADLINE. The first time I pulled back to the Jam instead of the Compo in LD24, I didn’t feel at all bad about it, because I knew that I really just wanted to finish my game idea at that point, and it was all in the good fun of making games. But when I did the same thing again the next time, I felt pretty bad. It was one thing to do it once, but to do it twice ran the risk of making it a habit. I firmly intend to stick to the compo deadline this time!
  2. DON’T MAKE A PLATFORMER. I’m SICK of all my games having platformer elements. This one should be topdown, hopefully.
  3. POST STUFF DURING THE LD. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I sure missed all the posts I made throughout LD24 during LD25. My page felt so empty!
  4. ATTEMPT TO RATE 100 GAMES THIS TIME. I managed it twice in a row, but I severely missed the mark last time. I’ve got to try and get another streak of full coolness!
  5. MAKE A WARMUP GAME. If I’d gotten to it last time, I might have saved a lot of time. I already lost the weekend (procrastination on a lot of things), so it might be hard, but hey, I sort of made a promise.
  6. Finally, and most ambitiously, STREAM MY LD! This has actually been on my list of goals for LD26 for a long time, and the fact that PoV made that new streaming widget is an incredibly welcome coincidence. I might not be able to do it, but if I do, let me tell you guys, I’ll be trying to make it quite the show!

Well, that certainly was a lot of writing for something that will stay on the main page for so little time, but hey, I like writing.

The Break

So, Ever since last LD, I’d felt a bit off. I’d stopped doing much on here and on the LÖVE forums, for one. For two, it seemed like I couldn’t make another game no matter how hard I tried. The first month of 1GAM went by without a game, as did the next, as did the next… I eventually asked McFunkyPants to remove my profile from the site. I clearly had a problem. I tried to make time to do 7DRL, but the week went by; too much homework, I thought, but there had to be something else. Even when Spring Break came on by, probably the best time I could have used to make a game in a long time, it went by without anything even attempted.

As time went by, I began to talk more and more about this lack of motivation on twitter. I’ll admit it, I whined, I complained, and I wouldn’t blame my followers if they thought I was some sort of crybaby. Evidently, they didn’t. I had a conversation about the rut I was in with IamJacic and galman33, and I’d like to thank them for helping me talk it over. I realized in that talk that my real problem was the fact that I wasn’t actually starting the games. This may sound obvious in retrospect, but before I talked it out, I was somehow convinced that my problem was finishing games, because that was the problem so many other gamedevs always talk about. I figured it had to be what I was going through, too. But it wasn’t.

Even once I had this worked out, my mind still hadn’t worked out what starting games meant. To make a long story short, it was only yesterday that I figured out starting the game meant coding it, not coming up with ideas for it. In most of the game jams I’ve failed, I never actually got to opening up the code- time didn’t allow me, and when it did, I wasted it all doing something else.

So what can you learn from this? Well, if you aren’t like me, not much. But if you find you have issues getting games done, make sure you can identify the root of the problem. The solution might suddenly become very obvious.

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  1. ecool377 says:

    I notice that you look at mohammeds work alot, i know him in real life 😀

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