Warmup Weekend: Successful-ish.

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April 22nd, 2013 9:36 am

Good News: My toolchain seems to be in great shape.

Bad News: My Internet is poop?

The only reason I enjoy Ludum Dare as much as I do is become I can livestream the whole thing and get a few hundred of my viewers to keep me entertained while I work.  It’s an amazing 48-hour party that just happens to result in a game being produced in the end. Unfortunately, my Internet seemed to cut out for a few seconds every few minutes, resulting in the occasional lag-fest, or an outright disconnect of my stream requiring me to restart it. This is very distracting and extremely frustrating.  After calling it quits, I went and checked the various cables that my ISP setup as part of my fibre install and I think that I tracked down a faulty Cat-5 connection between the transceiver and the modem/router/firewall.  I have replaced this and since then, my connection appears to have stabilized.  Unfortunately, the problem was intermittent in the first place, so who knows.  I’m also getting a tech from the ISP to check the signal strength on the actual fibre line, just to be positive.

I will be doing additional streaming this week (SimCity!) to see if things have stopped being poop.

Programming environment/library declaration: Unity 3d, including built-in standard library assets. Additional publicly-available libraries that might be used depending on theme and how feisty I’m feeling:  Photon Unity Networking, A* Pathfinding Project, whydoidoit’s Loom, Unity Serializer, usfxr. Because obviously a multi-threaded, multi-player game with intelligent enemies and proper save/restore functions is TOTALLY doable in 48 hours.

Pong. I’m making pong.

Anyway… while other tools are not required to be declared, I like to list the ones that I’m likely to use because I like it when developers highlight useful stuff. I’ll be making use of some combination of: Photoshop, GIMP, Paint.Net, Substance Designer (including built-in Unity 3d substance generators), Blender, Audacity, BFXR, atrk-bu, SchismTracker, Spacescape, XSplit, Sublime Text 2, Notepad++, and more!


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