Official Potato Challenge

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April 22nd, 2013 4:59 pm

Remember my kitten challenge? This is the same thing… but with the humble potato. To honour our spudly brothers who will inevitably come in dead last, I challenge YOU to add a POTATO somewhere in your game as an easter egg. Just for laughs, and to enjoy the a-peel of this mash-up without chips on your shoulders. Tag your posts with #potato.


potato Potato asdf_potatoe potato01_idea03_small potato01_idea01_small potato01_idea02_small Potato


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27 Responses to “Official Potato Challenge”

  1. Hayawi says:

    Might make a potato NPC or something, sounds awesome
    +1 Potatos!!!!

  2. Perfect for a…. mashup.

    I’ll let myself out.

  3. kddekadenz says:

    Omg, you’ve been robbing my potatoes D: Never mind, it’s potato peace time.

  4. gotnull says:

    I’ve officially replaced the word “when” with potato. Just saying.

  5. goerp says:

    In any case, it makes the art easier; any ill defined blob just has to be brown to look like a potato.
    Would it count if i made my art with a potato?

  6. EatenAlive3 says:

    Potatoes might be edible food in my game. There might be lots of potatoes. There might be lots of food. Everywhere.

    You might enter a room and the floor is covered in potatoes. And you can slip on them.

    Or the final potato will be a boss.

  7. Xgor says:

    Potato’s is too awesome for just being a optional theme!

  8. Jigxor says:


    Do we get bonus points if we have potatoes AND 1000 Kittens?

  9. ZeDrak says:

    All your potatoes are belong to us.

  10. ahm99 says:

    I’ll probably add a potato gun 😀

  11. Taro Omiya says:

    I’ll add in a stealth Portal 2 reference, just for a good measure.

    “Because I’m a potato.”

  12. DST says:

    This is potato to be potato potato!

  13. pentaphobe says:

    “ludum spud”?

    what about

    Spudum Dare?

  14. Tleno says:

    Potatoes have a large potatofull array of appliances as easter egg. They’re food, they look like space asteroids (Come to think of it, asteroids ARE potatoes!), not to mention you can cram them into some sprite to look like rock or some particle…

  15. AlexFili says:

    “What’s taters precious? What’s taters eh?”

  16. RedSounding says:

    Pototos are delicious. Purple ones especially. In the form of tarts. Right.

  17. RedSounding says:

    Totos are/is a typos. No Relation to Wizard of Oz. None at all.

  18. RedSounding says:

    @@@@@@@@@@ Break break break.

  19. faultymoose says:

    Maybe Brotato can make a guest appearance?

  20. JayPC000 says:

    I say Reguardless of what theme it is in the end, Potato’s should be involved

    Potato was the best theme just saying

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