Declaration of Ludumpendence

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April 21st, 2013 10:35 pm

I’ll try to create a game for this LD48 compo. I might use any of these depending on what I want to do:

Javascript, 2D canvas

Javascript, WebGL

C or C++, gcc/msvc, SDL, OpenGL, OGLCONSOLE

C or C++, gcc/msvc, SDL, SDL_Console

If I use C or C++, I may use ENet if I think I can squeeze in multiplayer, but I doubt it. I can build binaries for GNU/Linux and recent-ish versions Microsoft Windows, I think. I will release the source code so users who don’t have a binary can try the game if they want.

If I think I can squeeze multiplayer into a Javascript game, I’ll use either Node.js or APE for the server.

I’ll probably use sfxr, GIMP, Grafx2 for sound and graphics.

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