Ludum Dare 26 Theme Voting Begins!

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April 20th, 2013 9:08 pm

Theme voting has begun! Tune in every day this week for a new round of themes. *

[ ROUND 1 | ROUND 2 | ROUND 3 ]


Patacorow made this fun comic on voting. Harsay then made this comic. Dezzles literally redefines the PSA. Vinull has revealed evidence of an anti-potato movement. Maverick Programmer has discovered a rare breed of Potato. Voxel fights back against the Potato agenda. Dir3kt is recommending a different set of tools. Hatscat offers a look at the uses of potato. Oh Potato!

McFunkyPants wants you to join the Potato Challenge.

Special thanks to Sorceress for helping out.

* Links above in Bold are still open. If you haven’t cast a vote yet, click the link to do it. End times for each round vary, and many cross over.

* If you get an error message about needing to log in to vote, and you are already logged in, then try refreshing your browser (CTRL+F5).

60 Responses to “Ludum Dare 26 Theme Voting Begins!”

  1. Zyrconium says:

    +1 to Lifecycle for creepilly themed Tron ripoffs.

  2. Kittens had better be in the final round.

  3. Korda says:

    It is almost certain that we are going to get ‘Potato’

  4. Baburo says:

    Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew!

  5. mohammad says:

    Wtf whatever I d0n’t know bout u guys but I don’t lik potato.
    -1 Potato

  6. iFred_QC says:

    Freakin potato!

  7. timothyolt says:

    Vote Notato. Taters don’t deserve this.

  8. shalinor says:

    I had some feedback that Jones On Fire’s Emma looked like a potato already, so, voting potato. I could finally do an Emma Jones game where she IS a potato.

  9. adeCANTO says:

    Whatever comes is good enough. (except potato) *quits life*

  10. Milo says:

    Vote evolution!

  11. TehWut says:

    I upvoted potato. That would be a kickass theme. Think about it, there are many different interpretations and concepts you could work with instead of something stale like “Alone”. I think we should give it an honest shot.

  12. KunoNoOni says:

    I was initially against potato being the theme, but I have changed my mind. I think it SHOULD be the theme! Potato ho!

  13. JaJ says:

    I vote potato. The more I think about it, the more I think it’s one of the best themes. Most of the themes are very limiting this time around. So many creative things to do with the theme that are not necesarily silly.

  14. HeroesGrave says:

    Themes that seem very open, but people think it’s too hard to achieve, always give awesome results.

    Evolution was an example.

    It makes you think hard, and gives more creative results, without beiing so broad that everything is boring.

  15. chamberlain says:

    Taters gonna tate.

  16. mohammad says:

    PoV, I don’t know about you, but frankly this potato situation has gotten out of hand. now that people have been saying “Potato Yes” or “Potato No” all the theme voting is going to waste with no real seriousness, which can be a real disaster when a theme that can bring everyone in will be squashed by a 2 sides fighting. We can’t get any fair or real voting done with all these people just going for potato. In the end we’ll just end up with a random theme like “Dark” because nobody was serious enough to really choose a theme.

  17. midgard says:

    All the themes being voted seems good to me. D:

  18. kddekadenz says:

    Voting Round 4: Themes suck mostly. “Imaginary Friend” was ok in my opinion, even though this would lead to obvious aproaches.

  19. Cubeaddiction123 says:

    Vote Time Travel

  20. _zulli says:

    “Imaginary potato pirate friend with telekinetic powers” as theme please

  21. William Bundy says:

    I always find myself liking those themes which are simple adjectives, rather than nouns, verbs, or phrases.

  22. Chuck says:

    Yoo gremo programirat ?

  23. someone says:

    Five themes from previous competitions have come up so far: ‘islands’, ‘exploration’, ‘Infection’, Growth’ and ‘Light and dark’. I thought that was not supposed to happen. Also Minimalism is essentially the same as Minimalist, which makes that six.

  24. Tleno says:

    I think one more potato comic won’t hurt anyone…

    …oh who am I kidding, we need MORE of these!

  25. Zampi says:

    Sounds like we will make something about nothing after life but we will can create anything in nothing

  26. TomboFry says:

    “Dig Deeper”, “Exploration”, “Creation and Destruction” – I see lots of Minecraft/Terraria clones being made…

  27. Manuel777 says:

    Afterlife, Dreams, Creation and destruction and Side effects, complaints? 😛

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