I’ve calmed down a bit since my last post and have decided to amend my rules slightly.

Firstly, I’m going to lengthen my time limit for my games. I’ve realized that six hours isn’t enough to do most ideas justice, so I’m going to give myself twelve hours instead. I know that’s kind of wimping out of doing this “hardcore style”, but I have realized that I would definitely burn myself out if I tried to do six-hour sprints.

Also, I will settle for one game each day, since twelve hours is only enough for that if I sleep during each night. This means that I’ll have at most three or four games for this weekend. I think I can live with that.

That being said, the games will still be submitted to Kongregate and I’ll still provide updates on each game’s progress.

I’m not too ashamed about backing down from some of the extreme things with this self-challenge. I think it’s better for me to be more reasonable than for me to wear myself out before LD even starts.

Okay, maybe not too hardcore

– Henry

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