I’m in!

This is my second LD.  Last LD I got #42 on innovation and #48 on theme. I did my best to create an original game.  But it had some flaws which made it less fun to play. I only got #137 on fun.  This time I want to try and reach the top 50 in fun, and try a little less hard to be original.

Another thought I’ve been playing with is to create as many (mini) games as possible in 48 hours.  The result will be something like “Lazy Jones”.  This idea was inspired by the following article: Mark Cooke’s “10 games in 10 hours”.  Problem is, how am I going to fit each of these games into a single theme? Maybe I’ll get lucky with a theme that warrants having minigames :-)

One of the tools I’ll be using is my random animated pixel art/sprite generator, see the samples above :-)  There is a new version.  I added a couple more animations to it.  And, you can get the source!

Sprite generator: http://tmtg.net/ludumdare/spritegen/

Source: http://www.xs4all.nl/~borisvs/jgame-3.6.2.zip  (note, code is still messy)

The sprite generator is now part of the JGame package, which it depends on.  JGame will also be my base code library as usual, possibly with JBox2d.

The sprite generator is found in examples/tools/spritegen/

To compile it, install JDK and Ant, and use the following commands from the JGame base directory:

ant base
ant tools

You’ll find the jar in jars/.

Other tools I will use:

  • sfxr, audacity for sound
  • evolvotron (another handy graphics generator), gimp, inkscape for graphics

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7 Responses to “I’m in … with animated sprite generator + source!”

  1. Daid says:

    I love it! This will be so useful!

  2. iFred_QC says:

    Dude. I mean, seriously. Dude. This is awesome.

    Space invaders? Check.
    Gradius? Check.
    Generic platformer? Check.

    Genetic microbe evolution simulation? Fuckin check.

  3. iFred_QC says:

    Oh hey, forgot to ask, can I use this thing in all of my games?

  4. Suese says:

    Pretty bad-ass I must say.

  5. doos says:

    Inspirational. And a bit mad. Love it!

  6. jerrre says:

    very nice, i saved the tool

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