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    I’m in for the 2nd time

    Posted by
    April 18th, 2013 1:06 am

    Hi all!

    Next weekend I will be joining you all for the second time. Last time it went way better then expected with very high on humor and audio (audio should be my expertise since I am a music technology student, and not a game designer by trade). But not very high on theme, graphics, overall, and fun, which of course all make a game good and fun so that should be improved.

    #20 Humor 3.89
    #77 Audio 3.37
    #138 Innovation 3.40
    #211 Mood 3.08
    #358 Fun 2.85
    #429 Overall 2.85
    #481 Graphics 2.67
    #579 Theme 2.67

    For this time I have some goals set:

    1. My game should run in a browser, to make it more accesible
    2. I want to focus even more on music/audio
    3. It should have more variation
    4. I want an original idea, not a standard platformer or RPG (maybe a puzzle or simulation kind of game if the theme allows it)

    Tools I will be using:

    • LibGDX for coding (deployment to OSX/Win/Linux (Java), Android, and most important: Web)
    • Pixen/Pen&Paper/Photocamara or something else starting with a P for art (not my strongest point)
    • Ableton, Audacity, MilkyTracker, fieldrecorder, live instruments for sound/music
    • and a hand made bash script for a timelapse of my screen

    I will probably not work the full 48 hours, but as the last time showed I will in every case turn in a playable product.

    Have fun all!


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