First time in long where i cant join :(

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April 18th, 2013 12:59 pm

Also, i should be studying for history test that is held tomorrow instead of writing this.


In many cultures, there are tests one must pass to become adult. All though these tests are much less common in modern society, we have modernized editions.

In norway, where i live, you are supposed to go to a course where you learn about ethics n’ stuf ┬áin year 9 of school, and then have a big “Yay im a adult” party where you celebrate what would be entering adulthood a few hundred years back.


Sadly, this is happening next weekend, so i can’t join ludum dare :(. I will be buisy saturday with ceremonies n’ stuf, and the party. Friday is welcoming english family arriving to celebrate some tradition they dont have in their country(How nice of them to fly over to norway for a tradition they aren’t a part of). And sunday i have time off.

So yeah, i cant join :(

(Mabe i shall stay up late saturday and do some coding? Dunno. Lets see if some random person on irc cheers me up this time too)

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