Metaphysical jellyfish reality

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April 9th, 2013 2:37 pm

” I’m in. ”

Messing with compasses is fun.

Platform: the html <canvas> with javascript

Tools that I will maybe use:

  • gedit
  • gimp
  • lmms
  • audacity
  • abundant music
  • blender
  • node.js

I will probably listen to SuicideSheeep on Youtube (great chill-out music). 


I hope that this time the theme would be something highly spiritual, esoterical, metaphysical, or occult. The more interpretations, the better.

“The Initiatory Ceremony/Voyage”,  “The essence of reality”,  “Higher dimensions/realms”,  “Sacred Geometry”,  “The Illuminati whatnot“, etc…

Also, I propose that this time’s mascot would be a jellyfish, and particularly the Turritopsis nutricula, the Immortal Jellyfish that can reverse its ageing process and possibly obtain immortality.



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  1. Per says:

    Nice! I’m glad that you consider using my music tool :)
    Just tell me if you want some help with it. It is not exactly the most user-friendly system out there 😉

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