Small Evoland has grown BIG!

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April 4th, 2013 2:28 pm

Do you remember Evoland? I made this little game as part of the LD 24 Compo – the theme was Evolution.

Evoland LD Version

Apart from getting good votes at the LD, he also got very good feedback with more than 300.000 people playing it (and crashing my DropBox link).

Since at that time I was creating my new indepedant games studio Shiro Games, we thought it would be nice to expand it further and make it into a full game. I’m sure you know how frustrating the LD time limit can be and how sometimes you wish to have put that and that in your game.

So after a few months of work, we are proud to announce that Evoland “HD” (to compare to the “LD” / Classic version) is now available! We got great feedback from the community when releasing our trailer early this year, which enabled us to get “greenlighted”, so the game can be downloaded on our  website, but is also available on Steam and GoodOldGames.

We are very proud of it, hope you’ll enjoy it as well. HUGE thanks to the whole LD crew for their hard work, I really enjoyed all the LD I made so far, and while I will not be able to participate in the April one, you can definitely count me in for the next!

Get it on

Here’s a few screens of the game :

evo1 evo2 evo3 evo4 evo5 evo6 evo7 evo8

9 Responses to “Small Evoland has grown BIG!”

  1. Cake&Code says:

    So proud of you guys!!! Congrats!! We’ll be sure to check it out on Steam 😀

  2. Spiridios says:

    I saw this hit steam today and put it on my wishlist based on the premise – I completely forgot this was an LD game! Congrats!

  3. Datw says:

    When I opened up my Steam and saw a game that I had (kinda) played on the Ludum Dare on the front page I went nuts. That’s awesome guys, really. Your game was already good on the LD version and I’m sure it is way better now. Good job, I can’t really word that.

  4. numpad says:

    Oh. My. God.
    I already played this when it was in the LD and I tought it was awesome. But this?! Wow. I am so proud of you! It’s always nice to see a Project being continued even after the Ludum Dare ends. Especially when the game becomes so big!
    Good Job! 😉

  5. Oreganik says:

    You know, my wife suggested this same idea at the start of LD 24. I demurred, because I didn’t feel like I could do it justice, especially considering its potential. (so I went on to fall on my face with another concept, LOL)

    I was ecstatic to play your entry, and to see that idea made real in such a polished manner. And today, I’m happy to buy your game. =) Congratulations!

  6. goerp says:

    I saw this post and at the same time got an newsletter from Good Old Games with your game in it. Next to Baldurs Gate and Neverwinter Nights!

    And the Ludum Dare isn’t that long ago!

  7. photex says:

    Wow, was the final version also done in Haxe? What did you use for OpenGL? It felt good to buy this on Steam!

  8. chorinator says:

    I also participated in the LD 24 and played and rated this game. As soon as I saw it on steam it was an instant buy, a no brainer. I didn’t even read the critics nor watched the teaser video, it was just “click buy and confirm”
    Congratulations guys, pretty good game and full of nostalgic memories. Loved all the references to other classic games.

  9. Thinkr says:

    Awesome stuff.

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