Real World Ludum Dare 26 Gatherings

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April 4th, 2013 1:26 pm

While Ludum Dare is typically an online event (make a game from the comfort of your home), many real world events happen around Ludum Dare. Here’s the list:

If you want your event on the list, post a comment letting me know where your event is. Be sure to include a link to further details (either here on the blog, or elsewhere).

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  1. wilbefast says:

    We’re the first on the list ^_^ woot!

  2. outlawpoet says:

    As we have for the last two, we have a launch gathering at Crashspace in Los Angeles, CA:

  3. laaph says:

    Since I have told way too many people about it, I have to follow through! I will be at the Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment in Oakland, CA, hosting as many people who will show up. Please let me know if you’ll show up so I have a vague idea of what the incoming head count will be. It’s already on their calendar this time (it wasn’t last time until pretty much the last minute).

    I hear there is a rumor that there will be another party at the MADE at the same time, but I was told that we are still welcome to work there and can join the party if we wish to be distracted.


  4. spokenbluntly22 says:

    Anyone doing this in Ontario Canada?

  5. Alex Shestakov says:

    We’re gathering at Omsk, Russia. That should be our 3rd local event and we call it Omsk Ludum Dare, or OLD in short. Usually we have about 50-60 people participating + some spectators interested in games. Feel free to join us!
    Here’re official links (in russian for now, sorry):

  6. Jamalaide is hosting a site for Adelaide, Australia:

    We are at the University of Adelaide and anyone is welcome to just turn up on the day.

    This is our 5th Ludum Dare and we are looking forward to a great turnout!

  7. Dyn says:

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia is also in!
    Join our offline gathering at IT bar KLЮTCH (

    Invitation link:

  8. 01010111 says:

    We will be hosting again in Richmond VA at 804RVA –
    Hope to see some new folks and returning champs!

  9. For the second time, we at Goo Technologies are hosting a gathering at our office in central Stockholm, Sweden. Sign up here:

    Space is limited, as space tends to be, so sign up now!

  10. Spierek says: – We’re also having one in Łódź, Poland.

  11. Emarii says:

    University of British Columbia’s Game Developers Association will be held in Vancouver, Canada, at the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre on the UBC Campus. Open to all who come say hi! Our group if you need to contact us!

  12. KontrolKeal says:

    I’ve set up an event at the Hacker Dojo in Mountain View, CA, USA. Hopefully people show up this time >.>

  13. Fate says:

    Gathering in New Zealand for Victoria University Students:

  14. rootinfection says:

    Any gatherings in NYC?

  15. 8bitmuse says:

    We’ll be hosting an event in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Ryerson University. More information is at

  16. lexaloffle says:

    Pico Pico Cafe (Tokyo) is happy to accommodate any LD’ers during normal cafe hours (3pm~11pm), and can close later for anyone who wants to stay on for the last (or first?) train.

  17. MadGnomeGamer says:

    I’m on a tiny island and there’s only one other Ludum Dare’er on it >.<

  18. I’d be happy to host a Real World gathering in Central Florida!

    We’re in Bradenton.

  19. DeathBySnail says:

    Any plans for a UK gathering? Specifically ~Warwickshire area.

  20. danhett says:

    Manchester Game Jam, checking in! We’ll be open from 10-5 both days at Madlab in Manchester. This will be our third Ludum Dare jam, and we also run awesome mini-jams all weekend for people who aren’t doing the full LD48.

    There are still tickets left, full info here:

    Please add us to the list! :)


  21. iFred_QC says:

    Any gathering near Montréal in Québec, Canada?

  22. FREEZX says:

    A gathering in Skopje, Macedonia will be organized. Here’s the event:

  23. mildmojo says:

    Our local game dev organization, Run Jump Dev, is hosting a gathering in Lexington, KY:

  24. Bensonance says:

    We’re hosting a venue in Johannesburg, South Africa:

  25. deepnight says:

    Hi people :)

    We have 1 seat here at Motion Twin in Bordeaux, France. Contact me here: !

  26. fussycashew says:

    Sad to not see anything in Ohio this year! I know there was a gathering last year, I’d like to attend one this year :/

    Oh well!

  27. xandy says:

    The RaumZeitLabor hackerspace in Mannheim, Germany is hosting a gathering as well:

  28. ajaxlex says:

    Ithaca Generator makerspace in Ithaca, NY, USA is hosting

  29. dtruby says:

    Warwick Game Design at University of Warwick has booked a room for the weekend:

  30. JanneR says:

    In Finland Kajaani University of Applied Sciences is holding a site for the weekend

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