Realization: I don’t know web design! :(

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March 18th, 2013 6:28 pm

Here’s what I’ve been working on…

hint : you can draw on that thing.

I have just realized that out of my 1 year and a few months of JavaScript, I never actually learned web design! I started to learn JavaScript practically at the same time I started to learn the <canvas> api. I know basic html, but I got in the game really late, and I started doing canvas before I could manipulate divs. I messed with node.js websockets, and I don’t even understand html forms yet. Shame on me.

Now, at the stage I am with my project, I’m doing the frontend UI, and html buttons, css, jquery and stuff would be really helpful, yet I am still noob at it. I’m going to concentrate on the parts that I know I’ll do well, and then, maybe I’ll collaborate with somebody.

<rant> On a side note, organising code in JavaScript is difficult! The way the inheritance works just isn’t natural, and there is no consistent way of managing packages. The browser way and the node.js way are incompatible! </rant>

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